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Movie poster design

Lights, camera, design! Our expert team of movie poster gurus will whip up visual masterpieces that make your film shine brighter than a supernova. We can create stunning key art that leaves jaws dropping, captivating portraits that bring characters to life, landscape thumbnails that tease the epic scale of your story, character posters that give each hero their moment in the spotlight, festival banners that demand attention, and marketing materials that make your film irresistible. And guess what? All of this comes in the same fixed monthly price, so you can have it all without breaking the bank!



We kickstart your movie poster design by diving deep into the film’s themes and aesthetics. Through thorough research and brainstorming, we develop a compelling concept that captures the essence of your movie.


Creative Design

Our talented designers bring your concept to life. We craft visually stunning and unique poster designs, carefully selecting typography, color schemes, and imagery that resonate with your target audience.


Refinement & Delivery

We work closely with you to refine the design, ensuring it aligns perfectly with your vision. Once approved, we provide you with high-quality, print-ready files or digital assets to promote your movie effectively.

Frequently Asked Questions - Movie Poster Design

At Movie Posters Design, we assist our clients with various graphic design requirements such as movie posters, logos, banners, merchandise designs, and more. Our objective is to create highly impactful posters that offer excellent value for your investment. Our fundamental purpose has always revolved around aiding filmmakers, production companies and distribution entities around the world to create the most impactful film and TV posters.

 Our designer services are utilized by numerous movie and TV distribution companies on a full-time basis. These companies vary in size, encompassing those with fewer than 100 titles to others with catalogs comprising over 20,000 titles.

We also extend our support to producers in crafting their pitch decks, all the way to complete movie posters. Our passion lies in the world of entertainment!

Across all genres! With years of experience and ongoing collaboration with numerous clients, we’ve mastered the art of poster design in every genre.

Absolutely, we possess extensive experience in creating posters for numerous platforms like Amazon, Tubi, Plex, and more. Our expertise extends to crafting designs for DVD covers, BluRay, VHS covers, and other platforms. With a deep understanding of film distribution, we are well-informed about the requisite artwork for each platform.

Certainly, the company was founded by an industry expert in international film distribution. As a result, our proficiency surpasses the realm of designing movie posters; we proudly bring over 15 years of experience in distributing content across various platforms. Moreover, our team collectively possesses over a decade of expertise in Copy & Print, gained through roles in notable companies such as Staples. In essence, we are fluent in the languages of both Film and Print, ensuring we can effectively communicate your unique vision.

Certainly, we have engaged in projects with filmmakers spanning the entire globe. The Additionally, our team is proficient in Portuguese, French, Spanish, and English languages.

We create and resize to all specs necessary.

Indeed, our versatile skills allow us to produce top-notch designs across all sectors. Our experience encompasses collaborations with diverse artists and clients across various industries. Notably, we’ve been involved in projects such as rebranding a TV station and working with a Coca-Cola Company Bottling plant.

For high-quality printing, use images with a resolution of at least 300 DPI (dots per inch).

Yes, we offer the option to order physical prints of your movie poster design within United States.

Ready to bring your movie's vision to life?

Over the past year, our team of designers produced more than 1,400 posters for Filmmakers, Film Distributors, Sales Agents, VOD/FAST platforms and Aggregators. Take a moment to request our client testimonials and hear what they have to say about our professional work ethic and creative prowess.