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Movie posters in different countries

Have you ever noticed how posters from different countries tend to differ? If you are aware of film giants such as Hollywood, Bollywood, Nollywood and the like, you will probably come to find the difference in how posters are created for each market.

Let’s unpack them for a moment. Generally, the studios have creative folks in charge of specific global regions. Typically, these executives would have studied the culture and various social aspects of the region they represent. Ideally, they would have come from said regions, or at least have a significant understanding of the area.

These creative execs have some significant autonomy in deciding what manner of content is used in their region to market a film. I think we can agree that’s a smart move. No film maker wants to offend a whole section of consumers with a single poster, before they even get to see the final production.

Movie Posters Design (an Etso Now company) is made up of such execs. We have traveled extensively and have lived in different parts of the world and picked up a rich and resourceful wealth of information from all parts of the world. Our execs are usually well immersed in these cultural norms and language (spoken and written), and have an improved and better understanding of the cultural sensibilities that will impact the way a poster is received, which has a direct correlation with sales for the creative execs in Los Angeles.

What most film productions do, is create different posters to cater for different regions. This in itself is not bad. However, an alternative and cost-effective option is to create a single poster that will be able to generate positive feedback globally.

Out of experience and having a deep understanding of the different cultures, we are able to create posters that are mostly accepted by all groups of peoples.

Disclaimer: we do own rights to any of the images used in the blog, they are simply used for the sake of conveying information and for educational purposes.

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