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The Future of holiday movie posters in graphic design

Recently, as we approach the holiday season, I typically pay a little more attention to Holiday Movie Posters.

Undeniably, one can never confuse a Christmas Movie Poster for anything other than the obvious. It has all the elements: the quintessential Christmas themes; a laughing Santa; a couple raising a mug filled with eggnog; children and pets playing in the background, Christmas wreaths, lights and trees. You can’t miss it.

With the changing times and the increasingly polarizing opinions about the holidays, how do designers and filmmakers alike, begin to create posters that still have a holiday feel, but at the same time explore other themes. Is this possible, or necessary? Whatever the case might be, it’s worth considering the future and direction of holiday posters.

At Movie Posters Design, we like to keep up with the times. More importantly, we not only want to go along with the “trend du jour” but rather, set a new direction for graphics and images in general. With that in mind, contact us now to find out about a few posters we believe might be breaking the barrier and setting a new tone for the future.

Disclaimer: we do own rights to any of the images used in the blog, they are simply used for the sake of conveying information and for educational purposes.

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